"I've studied under Michael in Tactical Edge, Krav Maga and Kickboxing for a couple of years now and have learned so much in that time. He has a vast amount of knowledge and no ego when it comes to sharing it with others. His self defence traning is always engaging, fun and you are constantly aware of the practical applications of what you are learning. Whether it's martial arts, or fitness, there's always the focus on functional training with Michael and that's extremely valuable. I couldn't recommend him enough."


"Michael has been the most supportive and knowledgeable personal trainer ive had the pleasure of training with.
He always made sure that each session was different and designed to make me try something new which i loved. He is extremely intuitive and knew exactly when to crack down and push me harder and when i needed some gentle encouragement.
I was very proud of what i achieved when training with Michael and will definitely continue. So far I've lost over a stone and I'm the strongest I've ever been. 
I would highly recommend him to anybody."

                                                           Ashley Sharp

                                                      PT client & Combat Ready Student

Malcolm Angus

"Personal training with Michael Carnie is one of the best investments I have ever made.  Sessions are intense and no-nonsense.  Michael not only works on the physical side of self defence, but also the psychological aspect.  Expect a tailored package to suit what your requirements are.  Feeling safer and alert when outside or on travels is priceless.  Also expect his teaching style of self defence to come as second nature in a very short period of time."

                                                                                              Ali Aziz  

                                                                                              PT / One to One session client

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John Murphy

Long time Combat Ready Student

Combat Ready Student 

Marcus Houston
Owner Combat Ready Gym

"I begun training with Michael as a fellow student under Marcus Houston back in 2007. Within a year or two Michael had super accelerated from being a student to instructor level due to his hard work and dedication to training. 
I have now been a student of Michael’s for many years and he is a competent and skilled instructor who patiently teaches material with a good depth of knowledge, in a relaxed and humorous manner. What’s particularly impressive is the way he can learn new skills quickly and be capable of teaching them in a very short time."

"I have known Michael for close to ten years.  Initially as student in the martial arts and then a coach at my gym in various disciplines.  I have always been impressed with not only his technical knowledge and application of the arts but his desire to further his understanding of the arts and better himself. He has been an asset to the gym as I know he will always provide first class training to whoever the audience.  We have taught sessions to the army together, to businesses and the general public.  The material Michael has presented has always been well received and fit for purpose.  The guys from the army were eating up his knowledge of edged weapon defence and likewise business people were taking on board his practical prevention tips.  If you are serious about learning self defence or better understanding the bladed arts then get training with Michael.  He comes with my guarantee."