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Many businesses these days, especially those who deal with members of the public on a regular basis, may have safety concerns about members of staff being overwhelmed and verbally or physically assaulted by an aggressive member of the public and feel a duty of care toward their employees. In an ideal situation any type of work place incident will hopefully be resolved with minimal physical effort and a verbal resolution can be used.

Sometimes however these situations can escalate quickly and knowing how to react verbally and physically if needed is a key skill to have.

We can provide simple, easy to learn, time & tested techniques to help end an altercation before it starts and without use of excessive violence to end a situation in the safest mannor possible for both parties concerned. Having such a skill set can also help boost an employees confidence which can be critical when dealing with "rowdy" customers. No two businesses are the same and we'll work close with any organisation to create a custom approach to safety that is specific to their needs.

Maybe on the other hand your job requires you to have a well rounded approach to safety, self defence or control and restraint. in the past RōninFMA has trained members of the armed forces, police and door staff to help keep their skill set sharp and most importantly keep them 

safe without needing to use excessive force.

Contact us today for a bespoke plan to suit your needs.

Krav-Maga was created and developed by Imi Sde-or (Lichtenfeld), Israeli Grand-master (1910-1998) who started Krav Maga in the late 1940's whilst serving as Chief Instructor for hand-to-hand combat and combat fitness training for the Israeli Defence Forces.  Krav Maga Is currently one of the worlds most popular systems of self defence, known for its simplicity and brutal effectiveness its now used by some of the world's leading security and law enforcement agencies as well as everyday civilians.

Michael gained his Full Instructor Certificate in Krav Maga under Scotland's only full time instructor Marcus Houston.

Tactical Edge is the Combatives System founded by Mark Davies. Originally created as a Close Combat method for Special Forces soldiers, it has over the years developed into a full civilian Combatives System. Michael trained in Tactical Edge under Senior Instructor Marcus Houston before undertaking the full instructors course under Master Instructor and Founder Mark Davies.

RōninFMA  also offer induction sessions for any & all classes on offer at Combat Ready Gym.

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Hourly based private tuition in either martial arts or fitness. We aim to give you a custom program in either option, whether it be goal orientated, work specific or just for fun. Contact here to get started.

No style, no system, no adherence to some "masters wisdom" 

straight up personal safety management.

Working through the stages of and adapting to real threats and violence.

Learn concepts and techniques on how to handle real world threats and how to resolve them.

Michael is an Instructor at Edinburgh's Combat Ready Gym and instructs regular classes through the week. Check out their timetable here.

Kickboxing, the staple of the martial arts world. Regardless of system or style kickboxing gives anyone a solid foundation of practical movement which is easily transferable into almost every other art whether it be Sport or Reality Based. Michael previously studied Muay Thai and WTF Tae Kwon Do before he moved into Krav Maga Edinburgh to study under Mr Houston where he gained his Instructors Certificate in Kickboxing.

If its for a good solid foundation of striking, to improve your stand up fight game or simply to keep fit we can tailor a kickboxing package to suit your needs. 

Bulking up, Slimming down, Endurance, Strength, Conditioning or Sport Specific training. We can tailor a fitness program to suit your needs using a variety of techniques to get to your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Combat Ready's "no nonsense, steel & concrete" facility is the perfect place to forget excuses and get some real work done.

one to one

Just like the One to One option, small group's of between 4 to 10 people have an hour to work on any of the available styles or systems. Enquire here.


Class prices at Combat Ready for a single "drop in" session range from 

​£5 - Kickboxing 

£8 - Womans Krav Maga & Self Defence

£10 - Mixed Krav Maga

Single 1to1 sessions are £20 for the hour with monthly payment options available to those wishing to train regularly

Get in touch to discuss the best availability and price plan to suit your goal. Contact us today!